Pau Escat. The artist who integrates gold in his works.

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I met Pau Escat at the presentation of his collection at the Hotel Murmuri in Barcelona, ​​where he showed us a series starring circular shapes inspired by the art of jewelry.. Throughout our lives we contemplate many pictures that leave us completely indifferent, but when I entered the room and my eyes connected with Pau's first painting, I knew that someday I had to have one presiding over my living room.

Four generations of jewelers in the family of this Barcelona artist, have left a clear mark on the creation of their works, gold. This element that seduces me so much, and that in ancient times some believed that eating their daily food served on gold plates could prolong their life.


His works are pure energy, an oasis created from sober colors mixed with physical material. On canvas or on wood, are created under mixed media. Escat never uses fixatives or varnishes. He likes the idea that the materials are kept “raw”. He is fully aware that the passage of time can wreak havoc on his works, but as in ourselves, right??. After all, it is part of nature, of the primary essence of things.


A visceral art, full of movement, passion and elegance is what characterizes the new collection of this catalan artist.

Represented in Paris, New York, Mexico and Barcelona, Escat presents us for the first time in its city, his collection inspired by the art of jewelry.


The circle is his new obsession, with all the symbology that implies. Color ranges, focused on natural tones. sober and elegant, match perfectly with the metallic gold element, artist's stamp on all his works.


Pau Escat in his Barcelona studio.

And as I always say, when you want something with a lot of intensity, the Universe always ends up putting things in your way, and that's how finally a work by Pau Escat ended up lighting my living room.


Love art. Of all the lies it is, at least, the least fallacious.

Happy day,

Judith Gabarró



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