Gala E-MAD. A luxury Networking

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Last 9 September the E-MAD gala was held in Barcelona. A business networking aimed at the luxury sector, organized by the Shops company & Events and luxury events organizer Judith Gabarró. The setting chosen for the occasion was the Pignatelli Palace, a Gothic-style mansion from the 15th century and current headquarters of the Royal Artistic Circle.

The gala combined a strictly cultural facet with another of a more business nature aimed at generating synergies between professionals from different sectors.

The event was attended by some personalities such as the Catalan actor Sergi Mateu, known for his television roles, cinema and theater, Jordi Planes, Writer, coach and author, among others from the book “Beyond common sense”, Toni Guerrero, well-known journalist with a long career behind him, Alfred Health, journalist and program director “We give the voice” and ETV Terramar, Lola Sorribes, writer and author among others, from the books “The Temple of the Heart” “The Power of Vital Connection” and Janira Planes Frías, expert journalist in social networks and Project Manager of the company Creating REM.

The cultural part was attended by the international baritone Haythem Hadhiri, who in the year 2012 obtained the 1st prize for excellence of the international lyrical singing competition “The Golden Keys” organized by the National Conservatory of Music of Paris. Hadhiri was accompanied on the piano by Marc García Rami.

The cultural dissemination field was completed by the exhibition of the sculptor and jeweler Fili Plaza, who has obtained various awards in the art world and also within the field of Barcelona entrepreneurship..

Later the assistants moved to the “Toast room” of the Royal Artistic Circle where they had the opportunity to taste a selection of gourmet products and learned first-hand what the “Bouquet experience”, an innovative immersive gastrocultural initiative promoted by the Círculo.

It was in this relaxed atmosphere that the business exchange session took place.

The following companies were present as sponsors at the gala : M-Automotive, ETV Terramar, Caviar Nacarii, Semon, The Sea Wine Club, Titan food S.L, Lordship of Librares, Casanella’s Chocolate Almonds, Jordi Planes Rovira, Ten Image (Cazcarra), Golden Pyramide, and the designer Jorge Terra Spain, as a sponsor of the Haute Couture dress by Judith Gabarró.


Official photographer : Antonio Romero Bolivar


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