Hi everyone s, I am Judith Gabarró, Luxury adviser. Many of you already know me and follow my path, but those who still do not know my, let me introduce :

I am Antiquarian specializing in Oriental art since 20 years. I never thought of luxury dedicate professionally albeit indirectly, I was always linked to it. After many years surrounded by art, best antiques and auction houses in Europe, I became a big fan of beauty in all its facets. But what it is really luxury?

For each person will have a different meaning, but for me, luxury is beauty at its best. That was how without realizing I became luxury Advisor. At present I tell a history of having advised the best hotels, restaurants, clubs privados, jewelry and haute couture boutiques, both nationally and internationally, providing my services as a consultant and promoting them through my personal brand.

He 15 from December to 2017 I was honored to be awarded the gold medal Forum Europe 2001 at the Westin Palace Madrid for my career as Luxury Advisor.

On this page you will find an exclusive selection of European luxury in different areas, based on my personal opinion and not the official parameters.

So once made this brief introduction of myself, I can only say that life takes many turns and if one day the fate makes our paths intertwine, It is quite a luxury to know you…

a greeting,

Judith Gabarró