Pau Escat. The artist who integrates gold in his works.
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I met Pau Escat at the presentation of his collection at the Hotel Murmuri in Barcelona, ​​where he showed us a series starring circular shapes inspired by the art of jewelry.. Throughout our life … Read More

The Secret Valley is in Catalonia. Welcome to Amoria Resort
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Do you know that it is a Blue Zone? Blue Zones are so named for two reasons. The first, because they are protected places in the world where the oldest people are. These regions were identified by scientists and demographers who … Read More

ONE Y 24 K. Jewelry to drink
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Gold has served for centuries as currency, He has graced the body of men and women in the form of jewelry. Millenary cultures have used in foods and beverages. ONE y 24 k together the most glamorous drink with … Read More

6, STREET NEW ELEGANCE. A luxury book.
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Today I approached a new book that shows the elegance like no other. A treatise on aesthetics currently sold at the Chateau de Versailles, The Louvre museum, the Hotel Ritz in Paris, among other prestigious … Read More

Andres Alsina. The decorator who has become a legend in Paris
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Andres Alsina Aristegui is one of those personalities who started on the catwalks, then he became a journalist and eventually found his way and his career as an interior designer. Thirty-year career, 5 published books, several awards … Read More

Gourmet Delice. Unmatched gastroexperiencia.
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Who would not like to eat well? Today I want to present an unequaled gastroexperiencia “Gourmet Delice”. A company based on the Discovery Commerce offers its subscribers a way to discover and learn about products in gastronomy … Read More

The most chic candy boxes are in Barcelona. Your name, Julia H
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Julia H. Valois, is a woman breaks and tears. Urbana, cosmopolitan and with a strong personality. When I met her, during our first five minutes of conversation, I was fascinated by its essence and at that moment I knew it was … Read More

hotel Orfila. A nineteenth century mansion in the residential district of Chamberí. Madrid.
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Artworks, antiques, linen-, the best teas and garden tale. All this is in the Hotel Orfila. A relay & Chateaux located in the residential district of Chamberí in Madrid.   This wonderful hotel, … Read More

ETRO. Baroque Elegance
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What do you suggest the word Etro? My suggested me Italy, baroque palaces, luxury, elegance… and so it is. Haute couture firm ETRO, It was founded in Milan by its creator Gimmo Etro. Specializing in Kashmir, fine fabrics … Read More

Master Class Social Protocol by Judith Gabarró
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I am very satisfied with the results of the two editions held so far in Barcelona, MasterClass of the Social Protocol and refinement in the forms. Among the attendees have figures in the fashion industry, right, … Read More

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