Torre Loizaga. European temple of Rolls-Royce

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a Galdames, in the countryside and just 30 km of Bilbao is located Torre Loizaga. The reconstructed medieval tower Loizaga has the unique collection of Rolls-Royce in Europe with all models manufactured between 1910 Y 1998. This defense tower also houses other select collection of antique cars, classic and sports.


In this museum luxury car, we can find the immortal Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost limousine, which he belonged to the Maharajah of Johdpur, to the iconic red Italian supercar “prancing Horse” (Ferrari).


The collections are divided into six pavilions. The first highlight luxurious copies of the first stage of the twentieth century, coveted by kings and celebrities of the time. It comes complete with some American units that share physiognomy with carriages and floats exposed in the room. The second pavilion features classic and modern elements, It is enhanced by the presence of stylish cabriolets and sports an unusual firetruck car park English. In the third room screaming fast compete in sporting limelight with the first copies of Rolls-Rocye pointing on display. The following enclosure aesthetics and mechanical evolution of British firm seen through a succession of models spanning several decades.

The fifth room displays a select sample of models Silver Ghost with the spectacular Phantom Series, which includes one of the most exclusive models of the world. The exhibition finds its climax in the last stay travel, glisten where the first models of the Silver Ghost Series.


All cars are in perfect condition and ready to be launched. The glow emanating from its polished chrome, woods and vibrant paintings at first glance does not reveal the indispensable and meticulous restoration work carried out by local mechanics working, mainly in vehicles that did not arrive in optimal conditions.


Each car is accompanied by a guidance sheet is not intended to delve into technical or historical aspects, which they are accessible to all. The focus is to arouse interest in so transcendent invention, leaving to the imagination the task of unraveling the stories that lie behind these fascinating machines, Witnesses many past lives.


Wedding carriage



A beautiful body is the sum of many talents. The brilliance of the engineer who conceived the design of the engine and mechanics, the skill of skilled artisans who domeñan wood and metal, copper and glass, the audacity of the coachbuilders, the production of unique and exclusive pieces. Such deliberate search for beauty allows this activity intermarry with other applied arts.


A legend halo surrounds a century the silver statuette crown radiator of Rolls-Royce. Known by the names of "Spirit of Ecstasy", "Winged Lady" the "Plata Lady", which it has been hailed as the most beautiful figure that has ever worn in a car, It depicts a young woman leaning forward extending his arms back, while the folds of her diaphanous tunic, wrapped by wind, They evoke the shape of wings.

The work was to symbolize "the spirit of Rolls-Royce: speed and silence, the absence of vibrations, the mysterious alliance of great energy with supreme grace of a beautiful living organism "according to the words of Claude Johnson, Rolls-Royce manager- inspired by the legendary beauty of the goddess Nike, embodied in the Victory of Samothrace exhibited at the Louvre, in Paris.


Exceptional car shows that holds the collection Miguel Vía-CMV is primarily the result of good work of its creator, which means spared no efforts to bring together a collection of icons of motoring, while he is raising a grand architectural.

Taking as a starting point the particular collection, the search for new copies of the firm Rolls-Royce and other brands led to a set of seventy-five vehicles from all over the world: a mixed sample represented by cars reminiscent carriage, exclusive veterans and classic models, prestige vehicles and elegant sports. So laborious search was tipped once with a damaged Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, carrozado by the prestigious Barker, …


Open to the public since the early nineties, Loizaga Tower has traditionally been an essential meeting point for amateur clubs and motorsports fans in general, who like to capture their impressions in the many forums that traverse the network. A particularly important event took place in April 1997, in which the Tower became the privileged scene of a brand concentration of old cars, coming by boat from the UK. Representatives of the "Enthusiasts Club Rolls-Royce" (Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’Club), during a welcome reception, They had the opportunity to deliver a commemorative plaque to Miguel de la Vía, for which he was given the lifetime title of Honorary Member of the Club (Honorary Member for Life), in recognition of great work.


Torre Loizaga host of 28 al 30 of September, The third edition of the Hall High Motors & Luxury Show, dedicated to luxury goods around the world engine, aimed at consumers of high-end products.

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I can never forget my visit to this temple of good taste, and the pleasure of sharing the day with Maria Lopez Tapia de la Vía, niece of the founder and figurehead of Torre Loizaga and Javier Alonso de Salon High Motors, who served terrific host. Thanks to both of you!!

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