hotel Orfila. A nineteenth century mansion in the residential district of Chamberí. Madrid.

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Artworks, antiques, linen-, the best teas and garden tale. All this is in the Hotel Orfila. A relay & Chateaux located in the residential district of Chamberí in Madrid.


This wonderful hotel, It is almost a must, since it is located in a mansion built in 1886 as a private residence of an aristocratic family.


Once there, We give you the feeling of being in an art gallery, thanks to its antique furniture and antiques.


The neoclassic luxury is present in every room of the hotel.


His careful presentation when tea or coffee, in china cups and silver plates, It is a pleasure for the senses.


its restaurant “Orfila garden”, run by Chef Mario Sandoval (2 Michelin star), combine luxury and haute cuisine.


A charming hotel with its own identity, with which I identify completely and always back on my visits to Madrid


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