Andres Alsina. The decorator who has become a legend in Paris

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Andres Alsina Aristegui It is one of those personalities who started on the catwalks, then he became a journalist and eventually found his way and his career as an interior designer.

Thirty-year career, 5 published books, several awards and a retrospective of his career on year 2016 the city of Versailles, endorse a career where his personal style has left imprint.


Catalan father and a Chilean mother, Andres Alsina He found its place in Paris, where he lives in a 4 years. According to him, Paris is not a city made of white and beiges. Paris is bright, funny, sly, high-class, Elegant, exuberant, provocative, obsessive and scoundrel. Shows no shame. It goes from rags to riches.


Alsina says in his latest book, that luxury is part of what makes us human, It gives us pleasure and pride. Luxury is not opulence. His understanding of luxury has evolved over the years. Although still he thinks that is a state of achievement and expression, It has extended its way to understand. As we develop, experience puts us in a sense of luxury resort and deep. Our ability to discern and learn from it is explained with time, largely to reevaluate what is the meaning of comodida. What if, appreciation, the experience, education and comfort are considered great luxuries, to the beautiful furniture like, the gloomy objects and wonderful rooms.


Working with the best suppliers of furniture and coatings world, ranging from the midrange to the most exclusive, Andres Alsina launches this year with its Hospitality Division, convinced that the exciting world hotel, its imprint can be of great importance. For five years he assessed the best hotels in the world for magazine Houses.


Currently it has 5 published books, which they are true works of art.


Andres Alsina It is not only an exceptional decorator, or as I call, “more sophisticated and refined decorator around Paris”. It it also counting on the good fortune, to have it from one of my best friends and I am immensely proud to be his representative in Spain.

Andrew continues to grow, continues to create your “UNIVERSE ALSINA” with which we do dream, because you are unique, you are… the legend!!

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    The luxury – like love – It is the good of the senses. It makes them more open, more docile, more fascinated. And they delivered him fully. Epicurean either way or dionisísca ,,,

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